A turnkey solution

Néolithe positions itself as an equipment manufacturer. We design and manufacture fossilisers – waste treatment units which can process 20 tonnes of waste per day. Fossilisers can easily be integrated at existing sorting centres and require no specific terrain for installation.

Who can benefit from fossilisation ?

Waste treatment operators

who are considering alternatives to their current processing methods (landfill and incineration).

Local authorities

aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

You ?

Néolithe will work with you to design a fossiliser to suit your particular requirements.

What are the advantages of fossilisation ?

Environmental benefit

Fossilising waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions because it uses 100% of the waste material that would otherwise be buried or incinerated.

Strategic benefit

Fossilisation represents a new way to dispose of waste materials, replacing the landfill and incineration options which are running out of capacity, and giving waste treatment operators a chance to boost their processing capacity or manage their waste treatment operations independently.

Economic benefit

Fossilisation is a less expensive option than landfill or incineration.

What kinds of waste can be processed by fossilisation ?

Our fossilisers have the capacity to process 20 tonnes of waste per day.

Rejects from the sorting of non-hazardous industrial waste from building sites

Rejects from ordinary industrial waste sorting

Rejects from sorting everything that goes to municipal waste depots

Rejects from solid recovered fuel sorting

Néolithe’s unceasing innovation to offer more solutions in the near future

A larger capacity fossiliser for the types of waste mentioned above

Rejects from services industry waste sorting

Rejects from separated household waste sorting

Residual household waste

What are our aggregates used for ?

The fossilisation of non-recyclable waste produces standardised mineral aggregates which we call Anthropocite, for use in the construction industry.

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