Let’s create a circular economy loop !

Reduced landfill capacity, increased TGAP taxes, carbon taxes… prepare for the future with Accelerated Fossilization.

By opting for material recovery, Néolithe makes it possible to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of waste treatment compared with existing techniques (landfill and incineration).

What’s more, Néolithe increases the recycling rate and sequesters the carbon contained in waste, creating carbon sinks.

What are the benefits of Accelerated Fossilization?

You recycle your waste

  • With a low-carbon solution
  • By turning your waste into stone

Secure your flows

  • With long-term contracts
  • With a solution for 100% of your final waste

You save

  • Thanks to a service below the cost of landfill
  • A guaranteed minimum 5-year contract

Who can benefit from Accelerated Fossilization?

Waste professionals

Sorting center…

Local authorities

Syndicate for waste treatment,
waste disposal…

Construction players

Prime contractor, general building contractor, quarryman…

WEEE, bulky items, waste from landfill sites…