Néolithe has developed a new way of processing non-recyclable waste

  • 6 % of global greenhouse gas emissions are from waste treatment

  • 40 million tonnes of waste are buried or incinerated every year

  • 450 million tonnes of aggregates are used every year

A groundbreaking process

Fossilisation of waste

Néolithe’s patented fossilisation process, unknown anywhere else in the world, turns non-recyclable, non-inert and non-hazardous waste into mineral aggregates – in other words stones – for use in the construction industry.

By implementing this technology on an industrial scale, Néolithe is responding to the environmental crisis by creating a third option for processing non-recyclable waste, which is normally buried or incinerated.

Working to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Demonstrating a commitment

Environmentalism at industrial scale

Néolithe is convinced that the best way of achieving a long-lasting, large-scale impact is to use industry, with its capacity to take action, as the vehicle, and has invented the industrial process of fossilisation which responds to both industrial and environmental concerns.

By using industry to respond to the environmental crisis, Néolithe has positioned itself as a pioneering stakeholder in the solutions industry.

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