The construction sector is the main source of 23% of greenhouse gas emissions in France*, and it is crucial to accelerate its transition to decarbonize its activity.

Néolithe has invented a patented Accelerated Fossilization process to transform the 40 million tons of non-recyclable waste landfilled or incinerated each year into aggregates that can be used in road sub-base and non-structural concrete.

The installation of the first Fossilizator® has already started at the Courant company site in Avrillé (49), for an operational launch in December.

Discover Néolithe at Batimat, the construction and building trade show, from October 3 to 6, 2022 in Paris (Pavilion 1, “Low Carbon Solution” area, stand 1-L102).

A breakthrough innovation that reduces the impact of the sector’s carbon emissions

Today, landfill and incineration are the only two common methods of treating non-recyclable waste. However, these methods are extremely polluting. Faced with this observation and the necessary requirement to accelerate the environmental transition, Néolithe offers a concrete and effective alternative : Accelerated Fossilization.

It consists of turning non-recyclable waste into mineral aggregates that can be used in the construction industry for road sub-layers and non-structural concrete, thanks to treatment units called Fossilizators®. These aggregates, called Anthropocite®, act as a carbon sink by preventing the degradation of biogenic materials contained in the construction site’s OIW. Anthropocite® is inherently carbon-negative.

With this innovation, Néolithe’s ambition is to bring an ecologically viable answer to the treatment of waste, while participating in the Thanks to the Accelerated Fossilization of waste, Néolithe supports the actors of the construction industry in their decarbonization of the construction sector thanks to the production of aggregates whose material has been 100% revalorized. An undeniable impact when one considers that it is the most consumed raw material in France with over 400 million tons per year.

A diversification of aggregates uses

Anthropocite®’s mineral aggregates formed from Accelerated Fossilization have already received initial approval from the CSTB for use in non-structural concrete. Aggregates producers and consumers can use up 10% of this new material as a substitute for traditional aggregates.

“This approval is not an end in itself. Néolithe’s objective is to extend the use of Anthropocite® to other types of concrete and to higher percentages with, in the short term, an objective of 30% substitution of traditional aggregates.” declares Nicolas Cruaud, President of Néolithe.