Already a reality for several years, like the creation of an EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) for construction and building products and materials, the ecological transition of the French mineral industry has been launched but faces colossal challenges.

To support the actors of the sector in this approach, Néolithe has invented and developed a patented process of Accelerated Fossilization to transform 40 million tons of non-recyclable waste landfilled or incinerated each year, into aggregates that can be used in the manufacture of road sub-layers as well as in non-structural concrete.

Discover Neolithe during the SIM 2022, the reference exhibition of the extractive industries sector in France, from October 19 to 21 at the Parc Chanot, in Marseille (Stand D38 bis).

A major innovation that contributes to decarbonize the mineral industry

Thanks to the development of Accelerated Fossilization, a new way of treating non-recyclable waste, Néolithe offers a concrete and efficient alternative to landfill and incineration.

This patented process transforms non-recyclable waste into mineral aggregates, thanks to treatment units called Fossilizators®. These mineral aggregates, called Anthropocite®, can be used for road sub-base and non-structural concrete.

This innovation, which replaces traditional methods of processing non-recyclable waste, also has a major impact on the French mining industry, as it helps create a raw material derived 100% from the recycling of waste, with an intrinsically negative carbon impact of -337kgCO2/t.

This is a real step forward for the decarbonization of the sector when we know that each year in France, more than 450 million tons of aggregates are consumed.

Anthropocite® as a new ecological alternative

By developing its process on an industrial scale, Néolithe shows that innovation can offer effective answers to current environmental issues.

Having already received a first agreement from the CSTB (the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building), Anthropocite® aggregates can be used, up to 10%, in non-structural concrete as a substitute for traditional aggregates. The familiarization of this new mineral structure within the mining industry would allow to participate in the improvement of the carbon balance of this sector.

“The acceptance of new innovative materials requires regulatory changes that allow the mining industry to use these ecological alternatives. Our objective is to multiply the uses of Anthropocite® in order to facilitate their use by the actors of the sector and, at the same time, to significantly improve the impact on their carbon footprint.” declares Nicolas Cruaud, President of Néolithe.