Néolithe, on its way to becoming a major player in the world of waste treatment, is officially the 12th project to be accredited by the Ruptur association. Founded by business leaders from the Loire-Atlantique and Vendée regions, this regional dynamic works to build collectively and collaboratively (public, private, population) an economic, environmental, social and societal model for the common good and for the planet.

Ruptur accelerates the realization of impactful projects for the development of a new business model, embodied by Néolithe

As the creator of the Accelerated Fossilization of waste, a new way of treating non-recyclable waste aiming to put an end to landfill and incineration, Néolithe is the bearer of a project with a considerable potential to limit the French carbon impact.

By integrating the Ruptut label, Néolithe is giving itself the means to become a major player in tomorrow’s world, taking into account not only environmental but also societal and economic dimensions.

Through its label, the Ruptur association challenges, gives credibility, legitimizes and facilitates access to certain financing to its label holders in order to help them in their evolution. Néolithe will be guided by two members of the association who will act as references for the company and ensure that the association’s principles are respected: working for the common good, limiting its environmental impact, promoting inclusion, etc. These are values that Néolithe has shared and supported since its creation in 2019.

The company proves today that it is possible to decarbonize the waste sector but above all that becoming an actor of a creative and environmental economy is within the reach of those who wish to mobilize in favor of our future.

We embarked on this entrepreneurial project nearly four years ago with the aim of making a lasting difference. At Néolithe, we are convinced that only the company can respond, through its ability to act, to the environmental challenges of our world, but that it must also create societal value. In this sense, we wished to integrate the Ruptur label to guide us in achieving our objectives” says Clément Bénassy, CEO of Néolithe.

We are delighted to count Néolithe among our label holders and to be able to offer this young company the benefit of our members’ expertise. All of our label holders respond to one observation and that of Néolithe is clear: the current methods of treating non-recyclable waste are extremely polluting. Together, let’s go faster and further by acting concretely and differently in each of our organizations ! Together, let’s continue to co-construct the economy of tomorrow !” says Charles Barreau, president of the Ruptur association.