As part of the industrial-scale development of our fossilisation process for non-recyclable, non-inert and non-hazardous waste, we are setting up an industrial site in Beaulieu-sur-Layon, near Angers, occupying over 11 hectares.

A territorial base contributing to the dynamism of the local economy

We believe industry has an innate responsibility to the territory, in particular the province in which it is located, and have been committed to developing our business locally ever since it was established in 2019. That’s why we installed our current facility at Chalonnes-sur-Loire, and our industrial site will be in Beaulieu-sur-Layon in the Loire Layon Aubance ‘communauté de communes’, the federation of municipalities in which two of the founding members were born.

An industrial site to support development of the company

To carry out our two production activities – the design and construction of fossilising treatment plants and the low-carbon binder we use – the 10-hectare industrial site will comprise 3000m2 of offices, 1700m2 of laboratories and 4800m2 for the fossiliser assembly plant. 9500m2 in total, construction of which is scheduled to start in September with the final hand-over in 2023. After that, our binder production plant, over 1000m2, will occupy an adjacent plot occupying more than one hectare.

By 2024 we will be in a position to meet the target we’ve set ourselves, of producing four fossilisers per month.