Néolithe, which developed an Accelerated Fossilization process able to transform non-recyclable waste into aggregates, is officially part of the Forbes Europe ranking. The list, published annually by Forbes magazine, highlights young entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives under the age of 30 who have made significant contributions to their industries in Europe.

FORBES is a prestigious recognition for young European talent

Nicolas Cruaud and Clément Bénassy have been recognized in the Forbes “30 Under 30 Europe” list, in the Manufacturing & Industry category.

The recognition of Nicolas Cruaud and Clément Bénassy in this list illustrates the positive impact of Néolithe’s mission, which is to reduce the environmental impact of the treatment of non-recyclable waste by revalorizing it into mineral aggregates usable in the construction sector.

Indeed, in view of the magnitude of the climatic challenges we face, we must deploy large-scale solutions. This is why we have invented a solution at the crossroads of ecology and industry, Accelerated Fossilization, which is revolutionizing the treatment of non-recyclable waste, in particular the sorting of ordinary industrial waste (OIW).

This award recognizes our potential to create a positive impact on an industrial scale. This nomination concretizes and reinforces our ambition: to actively participate in the reduction of greenhouse gases!