The Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) has issued a Technical Evaluation of Products and Materials (ETPM) affirming the quality of non-structural concrete made from Anthropocite, i.e. mineral aggregates produced from the fossilisation of non-recyclable waste.

Standardisation of Anthropocite

The purpose of the Technical Evaluation of Products and Materials is to determine the intrinsic characteristics of Anthropocite. The issuing of this evaluation therefore proves that positive results have been obtained, attesting to the possibility of using Anthropocite aggregates as constituents of non-structural concretes. The producers of this material are therefore authorised to use up to 10% of Anthropocite as a substitute for traditional aggregates.

A first step towards new uses

This approval, which was granted after a voluntary approach by Néolithe, is a foundation stone for the quality of their Anthropocite and paves the way for new uses. Currently used by professionals in the non-structural concrete sector – the first step which is essential when developing a structural concrete – Néolithe’s objective is to extend the use of this new material to other types of concrete containing increasingly higher percentages, with the short-term aim of replacing 30% of the traditional aggregate materials.