Néolithe announces the signature of three pre-orders for the Fossilizer, with major French players such as Eurovia, Corudo and the Cheval Group.  This treatment unit, which transforms waste into aggregates, is an immediate alternative to landfill and incineration. The objective? To drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional waste treatment methods.

Encouraging prospects for national impact 

A few weeks after the official launch of its pre-orders, Neolithe concludes three pre-orders for the Fossilizer, a non-recyclable waste treatment unit with a capacity of 20 tons per day and a footprint of 400m2. 

Nicolas Cruaud, Clément Bénassy and William Cruaud, co-founders of Néolithe declare, “Néolithe is in full transition from an intensive research and development phase to a deployment phase, in the field of our accelerated waste fossilization process. The signature of these three pre-orders testifies to the willingness of French companies from various sectors in response to environmental issues. This result encourages us to continue our efforts to reach, by the end of the year, the objective we have set for ourselves of eight pre-orders of Fossilizer.”

French players ready to innovate to meet major environmental challenges 

Eurovia (VINCI Construction) designs, builds and maintains transport infrastructure and urban development. Producing and recycling materials is Eurovia’s second business line and it is the French leader in aggregates production. Eurovia has a network of recycling and recovery facilities throughout France, which ensures the supply of its worksites. Eurovia’s commitment to resource conservation and environmental protection makes it one of the major players in the field.  

Corudo, a regional company located near Toulouse, specializes in the collection and recovery of ordinary industrial waste. According to Olivier Ponti, Corudo’s General Manager: “Neolithe’s technology is a remarkable opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of our construction waste management activity. The virtuous “plus” is that we also participate in the preservation of natural resources. And the icing on the cake is double : reinforcement of our independence with regard to treatment of waste sorting and economic stability on the subject while the cost of the traditional outlets progresses “.  

A family business with nearly 70 years of experience and a company with a mission since 2020, the Cheval Group and its 750 employees are committed developers, particularly in terms of environmental protection.  Located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, the Cheval Group’s core business is the creation of respectful and sustainable developments. “The recovery of materials has been part of the DNA of the CHEVAL Group since the beginning. The manufacture of substitute materials is part of our circular economy policy. For many years, we have been integrating recycled concrete and asphalt products in our industrial formulations or on our construction sites. Deploying Neolithe technology will allow us to decarbonize our businesses by manufacturing a new range of materials: Anthropocite“, says Jean-Pierre Cheval, President of the Group.